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September 18,14:25

The best employers and the best volunteers are in Slots City Foundation!

The Slots City team received an award in the category of ‘Best Corporate Volunteer Programs’ in the ‘Best Employers’ ranking according to the TOP-100 magazine and delo.ua. The ‘Best Employer Brand’ award was presented to the tireless volunteer of Slots City Foundation, Pavlo Gryshchenko, during the HR Wisdom Summit held on September 14th in Kyiv.

“This award is the first recognition of our team’s dedication to volunteering as part of corporate social responsibility. Because the Foundation’s work is essentially daily volunteer work in both management and partnerships,” says Pavlo Gryshchenko.

Indeed, today volunteering is an integral part of the corporate culture of the Slots

City team, and the facts speak for themselves:
– Approximately 46% of the company’s employees are already actively volunteering or plan to join the Foundation’s activities in the near future,
– Every day, Foundation volunteers work in four directions: assisting the military, providing the army with drones, providing medical assistance to the military, and humanitarian aid to internally displaced persons,
– In total, during the Foundation’s operation, the assistance of army volunteers exceeded the amount of 70 million UAH,
– Volunteers from Slots City Foundation have already delivered over 50 refurbished and new vehicles to the front, including armored personnel carriers and trucks, over 180 drones, as well as thermal imagers, generators, and starlings, boats, military and special equipment for fighters of various units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine,
– Hospitals and wounded soldiers, as well as internally displaced persons, receive systematic assistance from the Foundation.

“For our volunteers, this is not only recognition of their daily work but also inspiration to work with renewed strength to help the army. And so – to Victory!” emphasized Pavlo Gryshchenko.

Congratulations to the volunteers and friends of the Foundation on their first award! Together we are stronger!

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Today, more than ever, it is crucial to do everything possible to accelerate our victory. The Slots City Foundation not only donates aid to the military and volunteers from the Slots City gaming brand but also raises funds from investors, partners, like-minded people and friends of the project. This is our contribution to the common cause!
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Artem Stohnii is a professional manager with extensive experience in both the public sector and private business.

CEO of Slots City

Oleg KONONCHUK is an experienced manager, specialising in the implementation of innovative projects in the field of IT, e-commerce, telecommunications.

Member of the Supervisory Board
Slots City Foundation

He has been in IT since he was 16 and has occupied top positions in many high-tech projects.

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Stanislav ANDREEV

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