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January 17,11:47

Over 100 transfers for the army worth 4,642,507 UAH million are reported as the results of the joint work of the Slots City6 Foundation and it’s associates for 2022

104 transfers to the front, including 30 vehicles, including armored reconnaissance and patrol cars and trucks, 19 drones, 9 thermal imagers, 7 generators, as well as other equipment, and clothing for the military. This is the report of the joint work of the Slots City Foundation with its supportive associates for the year 2022. In addition to transfers to the front, volunteers help with medical care for the wounded.
In total, volunteers spent 17,402,568 UAH during the 10 months of the Foundation’s assistance for the Army and humanitarian assistance to displaced persons.

“Our Foundation reoriented its activities to help the army in the very first days of the full-scale invasion,” recalls the Director of the Foundation, Stanislav Andreev. “Our first charitable contribution was a check for a million hryvnias for the Come Back Alive fund. Since then, for 10 months now, our volunteers and friends have been selflessly helping the fighters 24/7, handing over the essentials to the displaced and the wounded.”

In particular, from March to December 2022, volunteers and friends of the Slots City Foundation helped soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine purchase:

• 30 cars, including trucks, pickups, an armored reconnaissance and surveillance vehicle,
• 19 drones, as well as 5 transmissions of spare parts or batteries for them,
• 9 thermal imagers,
• 7 generators (including solar batteries).

Volunteers also handed over stoves, potbelly stoves, equipment (scopes, rangefinders, silencers, buttstocks and Starlink), gear and combat equipment as well as food and clothing for fighters, – the Foundation reports on its Facebook page.

In addition to helping the army, the Fund and it’s friends send humanitarian aid to displaced people. Also, since the last fall, volunteers of the Slots City Foundation have started a program of medical assistance to the wounded who are being treated at the Oleksandrivska Clinical Hospital.

Among the recipients of aid from the volunteers of the Fund are fighters of the Azov SOF, the Ukrainian Volunteer Army, units of the Marine Corps, Marine Special Forces, the Naval Forces, the National Guard, Airborne Assault Forces, intelligence units, Defense Intelligence of the Ministry of Defense, aerial reconnaissance, drone schools, several terretorial defense units and other units of the Armed Forces Forces of Ukraine.

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Today, more than ever, it is crucial to do everything possible to accelerate our victory. The Slots City Foundation not only donates aid to the military and volunteers from the Slots City gaming brand but also raises funds from investors, partners, like-minded people and friends of the project. This is our contribution to the common cause!
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