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April 26,13:31

12 million UAH for drones, cars, humanitarian aid, and donations. Report of the Slots City Foundation for March

Volunteers of the Slots City Foundation continue to assist the Armed Forces of Ukraine, medical personnel, and internally displaced persons. In March, the military received from the Slots City Foundation 33 radio-electronic warfare devices, 9 drones, 16 purchased and repaired cars, and other military equipment.

The volunteers of the Foundation also continued to support residents of the front-line territories and internally displaced persons by providing humanitarian aid, essential items, as well as construction materials for shelters.

There was ongoing collaboration between the Foundation and medical institutions. Volunteers of the Slots City Foundation provided medications, clothing for patients, medical furniture, and equipment as requested by medical facilities.

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The total amount of assistance the Foundation’s volunteers provided in March was 12,174,758.4 UAH.

“In March, we aimed to evenly distribute assistance across all the directions defined by the Slots City Foundation,” says Artem Stohniy, Director of the Slots City Foundation. “However, undoubtedly, the frontline requires the most attention, so supporting the army is our top priority.” According to him, the most common request from the military is for cars: Therefore, 16 cars were provided in March, for their repair and procurement. Similarly, drones are also one of the major expenses on the front; 9 drones went to the front last month.

“We also fulfilled quite a few requests from medical institutions with whom we have been cooperating for over two years. Additionally, volunteers provided humanitarian aid to people living close to the front line and to internally displaced persons,” Stohniy adds.

Specifically, in March, volunteers and friends of the Slots City Foundation provided to the military, medical personnel, and internally displaced persons:


Purchase and repair of Ford F-350 trucks for retrofitting as anti-aircraft installations – 2 units;

Purchase and repair of a Fiat ambulance – 1 unit;

Repair of Volkswagen Transporter vans – 3 units;

Repair of Mitsubishi Pajero L400 – 2 units;

Repair of Mercedes Vito – 1 unit;

Repair of Chrysler Voyager – 1 unit;

Repair of Range Rover – 1 unit;

Purchase and repair of Nissan Navara – 1 unit;

Repair of Ssangyong – 1 unit;

Repair of Hyundai Santa Fe – 1 unit;

Repair of Nissan Pathfinder – 1 unit;

Repair of Ford Ranger – 1 unit;

Tires – 15 units.


Military equipment:

Radio-electronic warfare systems – 33 units;

Assault rifle;

Ballistic helmets – 5 units;

Charging stations – 3 units;

Antennas – 2 units;

Night vision devices – 2 units;

Batteries for armored vehicles “Lynx”;

Ballistic protection.



Mavic 3T drones – 4 units;

Mavic Sync drones – 4 units;

Mavic Pro drone – 1 unit;

Drone repairs.


Medical equipment:

Flushing devices;

Delivery expenses for the hospital, and equipment from Poland.


Other equipment:

Building materials;

Tablets – 19 units;

Routers – 3 units;

Generator 2 kW – 1 unit;

Car-mounted generator 2.5 kW – 1 unit;

Printer – 1 unit;

Transceiver – 1 unit;



Military gear:




Charitable payments:

Charitable payments to charitable organizations and funds.

Humanitarian aid:

Building materials for shelters for IDPs;

Essential supplies.

The Oleksandrivska Clinical Hospital and the Intensive Care Hospital in Mariupol, temporarily relocated to Kyiv, received medical and humanitarian aid from the Foundation. Additionally, individuals in need of humanitarian support in the front-line areas also benefited from the assistance.

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Today, more than ever, it is crucial to do everything possible to accelerate our victory. The Slots City Foundation not only donates aid to the military and volunteers from the Slots City gaming brand but also raises funds from investors, partners, like-minded people and friends of the project. This is our contribution to the common cause!
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Supervisory Board
Director of the
Slots City Foundation

Artem Stohnii is a professional manager with extensive experience in both the public sector and private business.

CEO of Slots City

Oleg KONONCHUK is an experienced manager, specialising in the implementation of innovative projects in the field of IT, e-commerce, telecommunications.

Member of the Supervisory Board
Slots City Foundation

He has been in IT since he was 16 and has occupied top positions in many high-tech projects.

Stanislav ANDREEV
Stanislav ANDREEV

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