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August 8,10:39

Map of IDP Aid Distribution by Slots City.

The geography of aid delivered by our volunteers captures 10 cities of Ukraine.

“Thanks very much, especially for the buckwheat and the baby food”.

“Grateful for the paste and the grains. Your support mattered a huge deal for us”

“My thanks for the canned food and oil and from the little one for the toy. May the Lord protect you”.

These are just a few letters that we receive in response to the humanitarian aid that our team distributes among the internally displaced persons (IDPs) who were forced to leave their homes under the russian missile strikes on Ukraine’s peaceful towns.

Food, medicine, household chemicals, basic necessities – Ukrainians who have been scattered all over the country turn to us for this every day. Refugees from bombed-out cities are asking for help to be delivered to where they temporarily stopped. Each story is a separate tragic page in the history of Ukraine. And a separate case for the military tribunal in The Hague.

“Since the launching of the help request form on our website, we have been receiving requests from people every day. We try to help with the most necessary. In addition, we help centrally with the purchase of humanitarian aid to public organizations that take care of displaced people,” says the director of the Foundation, Stanislav Andreev. “It is very important for us to help those who today are beyond the limit of survival, especially if they are families with small children. The mission of our Foundation is to help society in key moments and critically important situations and to consciously and responsibly invest in the future. And first of all, this is help to families with small children who have lost their homes.”

Our team created a map of humanitarian aid from the Slots City Foundation after our parcels covered almost 10 regions of Ukraine. “We want people who have lost everything to know that they are not alone. And that they will always find support and help,” adds Stanislav Andreev.

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Today, more than ever, it is crucial to do everything possible to accelerate our victory. The Slots City Foundation not only donates aid to the military and volunteers from the Slots City gaming brand but also raises funds from investors, partners, like-minded people and friends of the project. This is our contribution to the common cause!
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Supervisory Board
Director of the
Slots City Foundation

Artem Stohnii is a professional manager with extensive experience in both the public sector and private business.

CEO of Slots City

Oleg KONONCHUK is an experienced manager, specialising in the implementation of innovative projects in the field of IT, e-commerce, telecommunications.

Member of the Supervisory Board
Slots City Foundation

He has been in IT since he was 16 and has occupied top positions in many high-tech projects.

Stanislav ANDREEV
Stanislav ANDREEV

Major competence of Stanislav Andreev is marketing and everything related to it, primarily digital marketing.

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