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August 21,14:46

Chance for swift assistance: Volunteers from the Slots City Foundation helped the army in July with drones, purchased a tractor, semi-trailer, and artificial respiration device.

In July, friends of the Slots City Foundation purchased special vehicles, sights, drones, and other military equipment for the National Guard, the “Lyut” unit of the National Police, the battalion of strike UAV complexes, the “Azov” regiment, and other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Assistance was also directed towards repairing drones and military equipment, training military personnel in UAV school, and providing medical equipment. In total, the assistance provided by the Slots City Foundation volunteers for July amounted to 7,348,189 Ukrainian hryvnias, and over the course of the Foundation’s existence, it exceeded 57 million hryvnias.

“Repairing special vehicles and expanding the drone program (training in UAV operation, purchasing new drones, and repairing damaged ones) are among the priorities of the Foundation’s work,” says Artem Stohniy, the director of the Slots City Foundation. “This month, we also purchased a special vehicle on the request of one of the military brigades – a tractor and semi-trailer, and expanded the range of medical assistance. In addition to purchasing medical kits, we acquired an artificial respiration device to save our defenders. Our team sincerely believes that each such contribution increases the chances for military medics to provide timely first aid, and new and repaired drones are another opportunity to save the lives of our defenders,” he added.

Among the assistance prepared and provided by friends and volunteers of the Foundation last month:

• Tractor and semi-trailer for the Troop Support Brigade
• Charitable contribution for purchasing a vehicle for the military
• Purchase and repair of a Hundai H1 for the military brigade
• Repair of a tractor and passenger vehicles for the army

• 10 FPV drones for defenders of Odessa
• 3 Mavic 3 Combo drones for the Marine Infantry Battalion
• 2 Mavic 3T drones for the battalion of strike UAV complexes
• Mavic 3T drone for the National Guard
• Mavic 3T drone for the military brigade

Medical Equipment
• Artificial respiration device
• First aid kits

Military Equipment
• Thermal imagers and helmets for the military
• Body armor plates and ceramic plates for the assault brigade

Other Equipment
• 9 Starlinks for the Troop Support Brigade and the military brigade
• 5 Bandera Power stations for separate battalions and military brigades
• Bandera Power station for the “Liut” unit of the National Police
• Radars for detecting unmanned objects
• Uninterruptible power source for the military brigade

Targeted Assistance
• Charitable contribution for a buggy for the “Azov” regiment
• Payment to the UAV School for free military training
• Charitable contribution for drone repairs
• Charitable contribution for foreign volunteers
• Humanitarian aid for internally displaced persons

In total, the volunteers of the Slots City Foundation provided assistance to the army and displaced persons for over 57 million hryvnias. Friends of the Foundation have handed over more than 100 drones of various types to defenders, repaired and handed over more than 50 vehicles, including trucks and “rapid response” vehicles, 80 charging stations, 37 Starlinks, as well as thermal imagers, generators, and other equipment for soldiers. Since January, the Foundation has been systematically assisting the UAV School in providing free training to military personnel, and since July, it has been assisting a laboratory that repairs drones free of charge for the Defense Forces.

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Today, more than ever, it is crucial to do everything possible to accelerate our victory. The Slots City Foundation not only donates aid to the military and volunteers from the Slots City gaming brand but also raises funds from investors, partners, like-minded people and friends of the project. This is our contribution to the common cause!
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Supervisory Board
Director of the
Slots City Foundation

Artem Stohnii is a professional manager with extensive experience in both the public sector and private business.

Ruslan NONKA
Ruslan NONKA
Chairman of the Supervisory Board
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Ukrainian businessman, lawyer, co-founder of GameDev, Storm Ukraine, Board Chairman of Slots City Foundation.

CEO of Slots City

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Stanislav ANDREEV

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